These are some turbulent times we find ourselves living in, and it seems each year that passes is even more unpredictable.  2020 shook the Earth to it’s core, not only with mortalities and isolation, but with introspection and one’s overall outlook on their place in this universe.  We have also been presented with war, inflation, turbulence in the housing market, political divide.  And after all that heavy loquation, we turn to Comedy!

Comedy movies and acts have been occurring for centuries.  Shakespeare wrote some amazing comedies.  Charlie Chaplin was funny to the early twentieth century crowd.  Richard Pryor was hysterical to millions beginning in the 1970s.  Now with streaming services, YouTube, and an ever-burgeoning entertainment industry, stand up comedy acts and comedy movies are innumerable.  That doesn’t mean they are all funny.  There are legendary stories where writers or producers of Saturday Night Live or Second City would go “undercover”, and sit in at comedy clubs to listen for comedians who are great comedy writers.  Quality writing and timing are certainly two of many important factors in determining success of comedy acts.  Of course the audience plays a part as well.

There are many famous comedy clubs in the United States.  The Comedy Cellar in New York has hosted such comedic masters as Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, and Colin Quinn.  The Comedy Union in Los Angeles often has Damon Wayans performing, which makes it a consistent hit.  The Hollywood Improv, also in L.A., may be the most famous comedy club in the world.  It continues to have great shows because of world-class level bookings.  Additionally, it boasts comedy workshops and labs, along with experimental comedy shows.

Abingdon Grill near Bel Air, Maryland has some of the top comedians in the Baltimore area, hosting shows about once a month.  The owners find that laughter is a great precursor to appetite.  Owners of comedy clubs and restaurants who have comedy nights often find that food, drink, and humor are a combination that can lead to a long night, with people enjoying themselves and the atmosphere.  At Abingdon Grill, serving the Bel Air area, bread pudding and meatballs are renowned specialties, among other delectable dishes as well.  Local comedians that have performed at the famed Abingdon Grill include Tommy Sinbazo, Mike Moran, and Ryan Lina, among many others.  “It’s honestly some of the funniest comedians I’ve heard in awhile.  The talent is incredible,” said local resident Will.

The Abingdon Grill appears to be a leader in a new trend where a lot of restaurants are gaining market share through bringing in outside acts.  It is a masterful idea, as people can enjoy their meal and their entertainment under one roof.  For years it was acoustic bands or open mic night at most watering holes or restaurants.  Now establishments are expanding to trivia nights and wine tastings.  And even art shows.  The competition for restaurant patrons has always been intense in the dining world.  With money not going as far as it used to and coming out of a pandemic, the competition is even more intense.

So why does comedy stand out from the rest, as far as a quality in-house entertainment option?  For one thing, it is a healthy exercise.  Literally getting more oxygenated air and reducing stress and muscle tension are some immediate benefits of comedy.  It has psychological benefits as well, making people feel common experiences, that they are not alone, and hearing different perspectives on the same event.  Comedy is a feel-good engine to improving health and happiness.  Abingdon Grill, your neighborhood bar and grill house is the best place in the Bel Air area or Abingdon, or anywhere in Harford County for that matter, to see live professional comedy acts and have a highly enjoyable evening complete with the best meal in town.  Comedy is what we need now.

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