If the title of this article confused you, it may be because you have tried bread pudding before, whether in Maryland, somewhere else in the U.S., or even in another country.  At least some form or something similar to bread pudding.  For one thing, it is not a cuisine that is strictly known to Maryland.  It has slight variations all over the world.  For instance, in Germany it is known as black bread pudding, and in Aruba they have pan bolo.  And maybe you found it tasty, but not the best dessert you’ve had. Calling steamed crabs, when prepared correctly, the best food in Maryland is one thing, but bread pudding as the best dessert?  But the title isn’t alluding to all bread puddings in Maryland.  It is alluding to a particular chef’s specialty.

At the locally renowned Abingdon Grill on Constant Friendship Boulevard near Bel Air, Maryland, Chef Kevin creates a world-class bread pudding.  The pudding is a different style every week, and not one disappoints.  He recently featured a Smores bread pudding!  The interesting aspect of this delicacy is that bread pudding starts with stale bread.  The firmness of the bread lends itself to a masterful dessert.  Milk or cream, oil or butter, and eggs are usually used, at least for the sweet bread puddings.  Additionally, a lot of people like to use spices such as cinammon or nutmeg.  A simple sweet bread pudding can be prepared in about an hour.  It is best if the bread is cubed.  The milk/cream/butter sauce should be heated and melt, then mixed with eggs and poured over the bread.  Then the entire delicious concoction is baked for at least half an hour, sometimes longer.

There are savory versions as well.  A pork sausage and cheddar bread pudding is the perfect start to a holiday morning.  A crispy top punctuates this delicious dish.  It can certainly be prepared ahead of time.  A kale, cheese, and mushroom, or spinach, cheese, and mushroom bread pudding can also be delectable.  Bacon can also be a wonderful ingredient in a bread pudding.

The belief is that bread pudding was first prepared in 1700s England.  Those early puddings were remarkably similar to the varieties made today.  Some fun versions are still made in all corners of the Earth, but some tasty bread puddings originate in the Gulf Coast, USA.  That region paired the sweat treats with a whiskey or rum sauce.  Some chefs even prepare it with whipped cream or with vanilla ice cream.  Mango ice cream would be good with these sauces as well.  In this way, the dessert becomes more like a cake or a pie.  Bakeries generally perfect a great bread pudding, so it is unusual when a sensational pudding is created by a chef in a great restaurant.  According to tastewise.com, it is estimated that less than 10% of restaurants have bread pudding on the menu.  In the autumn, a pumpkin bread pudding seems to be a hot recipe seen at pudding purveyors.  In addition, an apple pie or apple raisin version could be an outstanding addition to a fall feast.

It is advantageous to offer a full dessert menu at neigborhood bars and grills.  Everyone needs to stand out, and having a menu that can please everybody is a big plus with a group of unique tastes.  Bread pudding is an amazing dish that can take on unlimited varieties.  Chef Kevin and the folks at Abingdon Grill boast the greatest dessert in the state.  And the weekly variety isn’t just tasty, it’s announcement is exciting, as the kitchen begins to craft their masterpiece.

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